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Tony Yang
Buyer Journey



  • Buyer Persona Template (coming soon – subscribe to be notified when it’s published!)
  • Buyer Journey Framework Template (coming soon – subscribe to be notified when it’s published!)

Get Help.

  • Heart of the Customer
    Customer journey mapping consultancy. Learn more about their services here.

  • Structured Empathy
    Operated by solo consultant Brian Walsh. Reach out to him here.

  • DesiredPath
    Solo consultant Kia Puhm who champions an approach called the Intelligent Framework™. Learn more about her services here.

  • Speero
    Formerly known as CXL, Speero is a full service agency that can help with user research. Learn more about them here.
  • RevOptica
    Our B2B buyer journey visualization & analytics tool. Learn more here.
Tony Yang

Tony is a long-time marketer with over 16 years experience in B2B SaaS companies. While he started his marketing career at IBM, for the past 14 years he's been leading marketing and revenue operations at various startups, including Mintigo (acquired by Anaplan), Qordoba, and Conversion Logic (acquired by VideoAmp). He's been recognized as an ABM thought leader and speaker at past events including FlipMyFunnel and SiriusDecisions. In addition, he serves as a coach and mentor at several startup accelerator programs.


Visualize Your B2B Buyers Journey


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